Company Overview

Leading Building Consulting Company

Census Building Consultants specialise in providing expert and professional building reports and general building advice. Whether you need to quantify the extent of reconstruction needed to a damaged or failing building, the feasibility of a new property, or an insurance claim (warranty or general), we are able to provide fast and accurate assistance.

Collaborative and highly experienced, we specialise in comprehensive independent property inspections in and around Melbourne, helping homeowners and property investors avoid costly mistakes.

To book an appointment, contact us today on +61 3 5976 3068 or email your request for a free quote to: info@censusbuildingconsultants.com.au.

Our team are completely COVID-19 compliant.

Registered Building Practitioner: DB-U 44936

Residential  |  Commercial  |  Industrial

Our Commitment

Our reports are detailed and the content is transparent, each report is supported by coloured photos of the areas including surrounding areas for a complete picture, providing you with a comprehensive overview.

Our Mission

Aim for Quality, Get Results

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